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Ultimate Performance Lacrosse is dedicated to providing top notch lacrosse instruction through it’s various camps and tournaments in the mid-Atlantic region. Owned and operated by current collegiate lacrosse coaches, we pride ourself on providing competitive instructional venues at a competitive price.

UPLAX utilizes a “showcase” format for our events, meaning each team will play three (3) games per day regardless of record without a championship. We reserve the right to “re-seed” teams throughout the day based on performance to enhance competition. Additional information is as follows:

  1. Each team will play three (3) games;
  2. Each game is fifty (50) minutes running time;
  3. Each team is permitted one timeout per half but not within the final two (2) minutes;
  4. Games are scheduled every other hour.
  5. Cost of participation is $1,600 per team per day
  6. Teams are scheduled by grad year when applicable
  7. Curious where to send your deposits? Contact Chris Gunkel for details.

The Advantages of UPLAX include:

  1. Collegiate Coaches (Charley Toomey & John Tillman)
  2. Geting instant exposure
  3. Our understanding of the recruiting process
  4. Our long history of running successful events
  5. Scheduling is unique because you play for an hour, you take a break for an hour – “hour on hour off”
  6. You get done quickly
  7. You save $ on hotels because teams can drive down, play and be home at a reasonable time frame
  8. It’s efficient- time to do other things in the area