Here is a list of some frequently asked questions about Ultimate Performance Lacrosse…

How do I purchase a video from an UPLAX tournament?

Videos can be purchased via our video partner, Nextpro.  Find more info here.

Where does UPLAX hold its events and tournaments?

Centerville, Maryland.  Learn more about our venue, Central Sod Farms, here.

What does the field layout look like?

You can find a map of the field on our Venue page here.

Where do I park at the event?

Parking at the event is located in the middle of the fields.  Please reference the map here.

Do you host any girls lacrosse tournaments?

No, currently UPLAX focuses on boys high school lacrosse events.

What age does my child need to be to participate?

UPLAX is for high school players, aged 14-18.

Does my child need to sign a waiver to participate?

Yes, your child must have a waiver signed by a parent/guardian to participate in the tournaments.  For instructions on how to file and to download our waiver form, please go to the Waiver Page.

Are there any special rates for hotels, or preferred lodging in the area where UPLAX is held?

UPLAX has partnered with WSTsports to provide us with hotel bookingThough we utilize their service, you are not required to use WSTsports to book lodging in the area for UPLAX.

Are we allowed to bring and set up large tents for our teams?

Yes!  We also suggest using local vendor Ebb Tide Rentals for your tent needs.

What kind of food will be at the event?

We have a variety of local local restaurants and snack companies that set up in our Vendor Village area.  You can find links to their sites on our Food Vendors page.

Who runs the UPLAX Events and Tournaments?

Collegiate coaches Charley Toomey (Head coach of Loyola University Lacrosse) and John Tillman (Head coach of University of Maryland Lacrosse).  Find out more about both coaches on our Staff page.

How much does UPLAX cost per team?

Registering a team costs $1600 per team, per day.

Where do I send the deposit?

Please mail payments to: Ultimate Performance Lacrosse, LLC, 802 Seneca Park Road, Baltimore, MD 21220. Please contact Chris Gunkel for further details about deposits.

How long are the games?

Games are 50 minutes with one time out (not to be taken in the first two minutes.)

How many games does each team play?


Will there be trainers at the tournaments?

Yes, there will be  trainer located on each field.

Do you offer refunds?

Ultimate Performance Lacrosse, LLC will refund a deposit payment in full if cancellation occurs within fifteen(15) days of participation.

Do you offer discounts?

Ultimate Performance Lacrosse, LLC will provide a $100 per team discount to any team having six(6) teams or more participating on the same day.

Do you reschedule games due to bad weather?

Please see our Inclimate Weather Policy.