Parents & Coaches: Things to Consider for the 2015 Shootout

The UPLAX 2015 Summer Shootout starts bright and early on Thursday, June 25th and we want parents to take note of a few things that will help make the tournament go smoother for your family and for the staff.

Traffic on Route 97

Even though it’s officially summer break for high school students, there is still a good bit of morning rush hour commute traffic on Route 97 and we feel it’s best if you take this into consideration when traveling out to our venue at Central Sod Farms.  Give yourself some extra time to make the trip in so that you and your kids can be ready to go when the tournament starts.


In the past we’ve had some issues managing the parking situation at the venue.  Please refer to to the map of the fields for the location of where your teams will be facing off and try and park at close to these fields as you can.  We want to do our best to help you get to where you need to be without having to lug equipment across the venue and to enjoy the day and fun.

Game Schedules

Lastly, the game schedules are up for this year’s summer shootout and we strongly encourage you to download or print them out so that you’ll have the times and fields handy for your teams so that you’ll know exactly where you’ll need to be. You can find all of the schedules here below or on the event page.


Scroll down to see both days.

Thursday, June 25

2016-2017-ThursdayDownload the 2016/2017 Schedule Here


2017-2018-ThursdayDownload the 2017/2018 Schedule Here


2018-2019-ThursdayDownload the 2018/2019 Schedule Here

Friday, June 26

2016-FridayDownload the 2016 Schedule Here


2017-FridayDownload the 2017 Schedule Here


2018-FridayDownload the 2018 Schedule Here

We look forward to all the teams coming out and have two amazing days of Lacrosse, Food and Fun!  See you this Thursday and Friday!


  1. Reply
    Phillip Krasinski says

    no backup plan if there is rain, I cannot believe this was overlooked. One way travel 400 miles, and not play any games on Friday, let’s hope there is a refund.

    • Reply
      uplax says

      Phillip, we apologize for the cancellation due to weather. Our rain
      contingency plan didn’t work as we’d hoped and we regretted cancelling
      the event, but the safety of the players was forefront in our minds.
      Right now we have a couple of options going forward for rescheduling:


      We hope to see you in the Fall or at another future event. Again, we apologize for inconvenience.

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